Patient Reviews

Andrew Smith, M.D.:

“Dr. Smith is THE Best! The epitome of what healthcare should be! Professional, efficient and quality care every day!”

James Boyle, M.D.:

“The quality of my life has improved greatly since my ankle surgery. I will be forever grateful to you for your skill and caring personality as an orthopedic surgeon.”

Jesse Affonso, M.D.:

“Dr. Affonso and his team are the best in Cape Cod, from beginning to end: 'A Well-oiled Machine.'”

John Willis, M.D.:

“Dr. Willis, Thank you for doing what you do so well! It’s wonderful to be able to complete my power walks and play golf without pain.”

Leonard Remia, M.D.:

“Dr. Remia is an “extraordinary” orthopedic surgeon! I feel so much better in only a few short weeks.”

Michael Murphy, M.D.:

"Dr. Murphy has completely relieved my hip pain. He is very knowledgeable and kind.”

Timothy Kinkead, M.D.:

“Great surgeon! I feel valued as a patient. He is always friendly and does a great job explaining everything.”

Daniel Chapin, FNP:

“Dan is always pleasant, professional and personal.”

Evan Perry, PA-C:

“Evan is wonderful! He is attentive, thorough, patient, informative and positive.”

Jeffrey Terwillier, PA-C:

“I received high-quality care quickly and in a pleasant manner.”